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  With rising environmental concerns, Vancouver is perambulating on the path to sustainability. Regulating and monitoring the noxious air emissions in the city is one of the crucial steps taken by the government in this direction. The Air Quality Management Law implemented by Metro Vancouver, interminably governs the emitters of air pollutants. The Air permitting system keeps a stringent check on the nature and quantity of air emitted by large industrial and commercial developments. Whether you are planning to set up a new plant or are already engaged in an industrial project, holding an air permit is mandatory. Following are some guidelines on Metro Vancouver air permitting:

Air Permitting Process

The process of getting an air permit involves seven stages.
  • Contact the Greater Vancouver regional district to ensure that an air emissions permit is required.
  • Submit a preliminary application
    • Authorities will review your request to make sure that your application contains all the necessary information and identified air contaminants.
    • Once the concerned authority goes through and approves the preliminary application, fill out and submit the final application form.
  • Notify the public and respond to all the comments; responses play a crucial role in the final decision making process.
  • The Metro Vancouver authority will prepare and review the final authorization draft.
  • Adhere to the recommendations made by the district director, as he or she makes the ultimate decision on sanctioning the air permit.

When to apply for an Air Permit

If you are setting up a new industry that involves generation of harmful gases, vapours or solid and liquid particles, you will have to apply for an air permit. Some possible toxic emissions include fuel combustion, handling and processing of solid, vaporous, animal or vegetable waste materials, heat involved in food processing, metal finishing, wood-blasting, plastic manufacturing, etc. If you already hold a permit, make sure to get the revisions and renewal done on time.

Air Emissions Permit Application Form


Apply for Permit through Metrovancouver

To apply for an air permit or an amendment to the current license, fill out the Air Emissions Permit Application Form. After the review, consultation and public notification takes time; submissions must happen at least twelve months in advance. However, small modifications in the existing permits are quickly processed and approved. A.Lanfranco & Associates is a leading Vancouver air consulting firm that provides monitoring as well as complete assistance and guidance, from filing the application form to submissions and approval.

Get in touch for professional assistance

Whether it is assistance for air permit application or monitoring of permitted air pollutants, look no further than A.Lanfranco and Associates. Our company is the most active source test consultant in Vancouver. Our certified team of professionals has years of experience and knowledge in the air quality field. For any queries or information regarding air monitoring and permitting, get in touch with our experts.