Dumpster Rental Services

Dumpster Rental Services

Are you looking for dumpster rental services?


At Trash King, we know how challenging it can be to schedule waste dumpster drop offs, pickups and empty and return services. So, we created a garbage dumpster service that takes out much of the leg work needed.


How does it work?


Simple, all you do is call 604-433-5865 and speak with our dumpster rental service hotline.


One of our waste management team members can help you find a cost effective solution. Whether that means getting a smaller bin for longer periods of time or a larger bin emptied everyday, we have both the dumpsters and the expertise to help design a solution that works.


Did you know that we have a same day dumpster service policy?


All you have to do is call our dumpster rental hotline before 10am and we will make sure that you get your dumpster dropped off sometime that day. Don’t let an impromptu surplus of labor or good weather go to waste. Hire our someday dumpster rental service and get your project done when its convenient for you.


Details About Our Dumpsters for Rent Service


We offer residential dumpster rental services to homeowners, tenants and new home construction contractors. These typically contain materials such as lumber off cuts, siding, cardboard, metal, tradesman lunches and other household garbage.


We offer a commercial dumpster rental service to businesses, government, non-profits and the retail store markets. These typically contain cardboard, trade waste, domestic garbage and materials that are used in a store, business or office.


Our industrial dumpster rental services are similar and are offered to large companies, warehouses, factories and other producers. These rolloff dumpsters typically contain trade materials, off cuts, cardboard and specialized industrial garbage.


Whatever type of garbage dumpster rental service that you require, we can come up with a plan that meets both your timing, scope and budget. Call 604-433-5865 now to find out about our dumpster rental services for trash and garbage disposal.